It all started with dancing. In Paris.
Aurélie and I met on a dance floor 20 years ago...
We like to dance. With our friends, with our children, alone.
It's a bit our way of stopping time, finding ourselves, laughing, letting go.
In Argentine tango, the cabeceo is the invitation to dance. It is a nod that the man and woman exchange to invite each other to dance, to agree on a common desire to party together. A non-verbal ritual, full of elegance, sensuality and charm that won us over during our stay in Buenos Aires in 2012.
Tango is much more than a dance, it is a world of incredible sensations. It's a meditation in movement, it's yoga in music. We felt such well-being while dancing that we had to share it...
Returning to France, we decided to change the course of our lives and embark on a common adventure: creating a brand of shoes that knew how to combine the elegance of a Made in Italy product with the sensuality of Argentine tango and the comfort of 'a dancing shoe.
A priori we were not intended for Fashion. Aurélie comes from the world of images, visuals and style, me from theater and modern art. Aurélie loves colors, materials, design, I love poetry, art and spectacle. We love the elegance of bodies, music, dance, sensuality and Dolce Vita.